Voices of Support


Comments from the Online Petition


“There could be very few informed justifications for not following the recommendations of this thoughtful and responsible petition”

Albert P. Albano – Conservator

Executive Director

The Intermuseum Conservation Association

Zip Code: 44113


“To tear down that library would be a tragedy, a waste of money, and a destruction of Atlanta culture”

Tony Norton

Zip: 30041


“Here in Cleveland, preservation and good government advocates led the effort to preserve the Marcel Breuer designed Ameritrust Tower despite official decrees to demolish the building. We collectively built the case of the economic value in the embodied energy of the building and that the greenest building is the one that’s already built (greener than any LEED-certified building that is promised in its place)“

Mark Kefkowitz – Journalist

Green City Blue Lake

Zip: 44118


“This building is one of few modern landmarks in Atlanta’s downtown. Don’t you need reasons to make Downtown Atlanta a destination? Well you have one! Use it”

Tracy Mancinelli – Representative

Knoll Studio [Atlanta]

Zip: 30318


“Mystifying that a library system that has distinguished itself over and over with brilliant architecture would now think of compromising one of the most important buildings in the SE United States”

Barry Bergdoll – Curator

Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design

Museum of Modern Art

Zip: 10019


“Meaningful architecture is rare – please save the building”

Sally Levine AIA – Architect

Levine Architecture and Design

Zip: 44122


“Do not be responsible for the destruction of an important cultural and architectural piece of history. The slow and methodical destruction of modern masterpieces of architecture in this country are leading the undermining of our [nation’s] cultural offering”

Shane Hood

Zip: 65806


“It would be a disgrace not to protect this great modern library building by one of America’s great architects!”

John Howard – Designer

Howard Design Studio LLC

Zip: 30361


“Marcel Breur was a MASTER of design. DO NOT DESTROY HIS WORK!!!!”

Michael Habachy – Interior Designer

Zip: 30313


“This is a Landmark Building…one of the few in our city. It should be preserved.”

Bill Johnson – Architect

The Johnson Studio

Zip: 30303


“I am with Westlake Reed Leskosky, Architect and Engineering with a specialty in Historic Preservation including mid 20th century structures. We are currently involved in saving the 1969 Cleveland Trust Tower in Cleveland, Ohio also designed by Marcel Breuer. We endorse the campaign to save the Atlanta Fulton Central Library”

Paul Siemborski – Associate Principal

Westlake Reed Leskosky

Zip: 44115


“Please save this building!”

Jason Alejandro

Zip: 08540


“Don’t let the desire for the new let you lose value of past achievements”

John Luttropp – Professor

Montclair State University, New Jersey

Zip: 07043


“Marcel Breuer is one of the leading designers of the 20th century. Any work by him deserves to last as long as it can stand”

Gokhan Karakus – Designer

Zip: 10001


“I understand that this building does not fit in with the current proposal of a visionary/technology library but I beg the County Board of Commissioners to consider that this building is not detrimental to the concept of a contemporary library. Just as office buildings are updated to accommodate the newest technologies and updated programs, libraries can be adapted and transformed. Other arguments can be made for the economic or sustainable incentives for retaining existing structures in place of new construction but the strongest argument for me is the maintenance of an international architectural culture”

Benjamin Loeffler

Zip: 60657


“Will Atlanta EVER learn to appreciate its historically significant structures? I’m not sure it ever will!”

Henry Hall

Zip: 30354


“Please do not tear down this building”

Lain Shakespeare – Executive Director

The Wren’s Nest

Zip: 30310


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