Who is: Max Eternity

Max Eternity is a multi-disciplined artist who creates innovative print types reflecting a digital interpretation of the Bauhaus school and Early American modernism.  He is an autodidact polymath who promotes cultural erudition via a network of informational web portals that were created for the purpose of advocating a myriad of artistic and social concerns ranging from architectural preservation and digital print provenance to government transparency and the Afro/Euro, fine art construct.  In addition to his own visual art portfolio, over the last decade he has created a variety of other portfolios consisting of prose and industrial design, all of which are geared towards humanity’s enlightenment through education, creativity and conservation.  Max is an inventor with over a dozen utilities and intellectual processes in various stages of development.


“To own a piece from the hands and eyes of Max Eternity is to have treasure in the present that will only increase in value in the future”

Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco

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