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October 6, 2009 – This morning in New York, The World Monuments Fund announced its 2010 WATCH LIST, continuing the organization’s biennial tradition of bringing international attention to threatened cultural heritage. 93 sites from 47 countries were chosen, some dating back several centuries, with one in Africa being 2 million years. The youngest site to receive “at risk” or “threatened” recognition is the Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library. The building, designed in 1969 and completed in 1980, was designed by Bauhaus alumni, Marcel Breuer. Breuer died just one  year after the site’s completion, making it his final public commission in a 50 year career.  For the 2010 World Monuments Fund Watch List, the site’s nominee is artist, Max Eternity.  Press release follows:

Press Contacts:

Holly Evarts, World Monuments Fund, 646-424-9594, or

Jeanne Collins & Associates, LLC, 646-486-7050, or



For Immediate Release—New York, NY, October 6, 2009Bonnie Burnham, President of the World Monuments Fund (WMF), today announced the 2010 World Monuments Watch. For more than 40 years, WMF, a nonprofit organization, has worked to preserve cultural heritage across the globe. The 2010 Watch includes 93 sites now at risk, representing 47 countries. These include 9 sites from the United States and 15 dating from the 20th century. The Watch is WMF’s flagship advocacy program, and it calls international attention to threatened cultural heritage.

Ranging from the famous (Machu Picchu, Peru) and remote (Phajoding, a monastery high in the mountains of Bhutan), to the unexpected (Merritt Parkway, Connecticut, U.S.) and little-known (desert castles of ancient Khorezm, Uzbekistan), the 2010 Watch tells compelling stories of human aspiration, imagination, and adaptation. The need for collective action and sustainable stewardship are common themes running through the 2010 list, and the 93 sites vividly illustrate the ever-more pressing need to create a balance between heritage concerns and the social, economic, and environmental interests of communities around the world.

The 2010 Watch makes it clear that cultural heritage efforts in the 21st century must recognize the critical importance of sustainable stewardship, and that we must work closely with local partners to create viable and appropriate opportunities to advance this,” said Ms. Burnham. “The sites on the 2010 Watch list make a dramatic case for the need to bring together a variety of sectors—economic, environmental, heritage preservation, and social—when we are making plans that will affect us all. Greater cooperation among these sectors would benefit humanity today, while ensuring our place as stewards of the Earth for the next generation.”

Comprising products of individual imaginations, testaments to faith, and masterpieces of civil engineering, among other types of creations, the sites on the 2010 Watch are irreplaceable monuments to human culture. They are found in every type of environment, from urban centers and small towns to barren plains and riverside caves, and they are threatened by war, natural disasters, urban sprawl, and neglect. They range from the prehistoric to the contemporary, and include schools, libraries, municipal buildings, places of worship, roadways, aqueducts, row houses, bridges, gateways, parks, follies, cultural landscapes, archaeological remains, historic city centers, castles, private houses, forts, tombs, and ancient petroglyphs and cave art. Download full press kit here.



  mahdi mongabadi wrote @

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a 5th year part 2 MArch Architecture student at Kingston University in London. For out first semester project and theses I am going to do research, model making and drawings of Atlanta Fulton county Public Library. I could not find much information and drawings online so I was wondering if you could help me with this matter. Even a photograph or any drawings would be very helpful and I would appreciate it. I will attach my student id and my brief if needed.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Mahdi Mongabadi

Student No: K0810922

  Max Eternity wrote @

Dear Mahdi,

The architecture firm named Perkins Will in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) should be able to help. They were involved when the building was built and they have lots of information.



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